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Let me start by telling you what this article is not about. It is not a history lesson. It is about the future. It’s about a future that has already begun to affect us starting today, and if left unchecked, will continue through tomorrow, later this year, and over the next 10 years or more. It is also about events that have begun to tear away at the fabric of one of our greatest national treasures: jazz.
A uniquely American art form, jazz is one of the many endangered species on our cultural arts list.
The evidence of this not so graceful degradation starts with the demise of public entertainment events, festivals, club venues, new art faces, new works, and lack of media attention regarding the slashing of arts & educational programs. This article is also about getting involved as opposed to being associated.
The problems for stemming the tide of benign neglect of the arts in general starts with you, me and the local communities taking an active rather that a passive role by supporting organizations like the San Jose Jazz Organization . This is one of the involved organizations fighting the good fight. Support it not just for the obvious entertainment venues like the yearly San Jose Jazz festival but for other core components of their agenda.
Take a trip to their web site and see what this dedicated and talented group of people is doing to support the future of jazz art forms. You will be impressed with both their extensive range of programs and their intelligent use of funds. The organization makes it really easy for you to select a specific program and level of financial support.
Whether you are a corporation or an individual, a current donor/member, some new or additional few dollars will mean a lot for many. Yes, somewhere along the line it comes down to money. Currently, tough times are here but it will be even tougher times without the arts. Art is a bellwether of society.
Contact the San Jose Jazz Organization directly.

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